hardy tips

This is made in order to discuss things that are new in Ubuntu Hardy version:

1. Hardware information:

source: ubuntuforums discussion
The hal-device-manager is gone, and nothing is obtained from the default system>admin or system>preference.

Try installing this from universe repository:

sudo apt-get install gnome-device-manager

this should be more or less an equivalent to that.

2. Download manager:

No download manager works to satisfaction, and the size of the kget download manager is a little too much. So, I tried flashget with wine, which ran quite well in gutsy version, but soon it showed problems in Hardy. I experimented, and one good one, wxDownload fast, worked but the only problem is that it closes on itself. Multiget was not in the repository, and gwget was too slow. So, I needed to see something else. Free Download Manager didn't open in wine. Fresh downloader showed something too weird! Then I tried the freeware version Stardownloader 1.3 (link). It worked okay!

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